PMLS 2018

Canon BioMedical continues expansion in Europe

Following expansion activities to provide the Novallele genotyping assays, controls and reagents to customers in Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, Canon BioMedical is pleased to announce that Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg now have access to these products. The Novallele products are available through Sanbio, a distributor based in the Netherlands that serves the Benelux Union.

‘‘We are excited to announce the expansion of our Novallele products to Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Our new distributor, Sanbio, is an experienced distributor with a strong commitment to serving their customers,’’ says Dennis Snyder, Senior Director of Global Commercial Operations for Canon BioMedical. ‘‘We want to assist researchers in the Benelux Union by giving them access to our easy and cost-effective genotyping solutions that address their tough targets.’’

Sanbio will sell Canon BioMedical’s entire portfolio of genotyping assays, reagents, and control sets. The Novallele genotyping assays detect genetic variations using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) followed by high-resolution melting (HRM) analysis and can be performed on any thermocycler capable of HRM. Complementing each Novallele genotyping assays, the Novallele Control Sets are particularly useful for experiments without an available reference sample. Wild-type, heterozygous-mutant, and homozygous-mutant variant controls make determining genetic variations easy.

The Novallele genotyping assays, reagents, and controls are now available for purchase in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg through Sanbio at Our customers in the United States should continue to visit for ordering and purchasing information.