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We feel very privileged to be working closely with some of the world’s leading, forward thinkers in this field. Each board member brings a unique perspective and wealth of experience, allowing our editorial team to shape and steer discussion across a diverse range of issues and keep on track to source the most engaging and thought provoking contributors for each issue. They are the driving force behind the precision medicine revolution.

Laurence J. Marton

Former Chair, Department of Laboratory Medicine UCSF

Jonathan Knowles

Ex Head Global Pharma Research Roche Chairman Immunocore

“Future significant advances in most fields of health and medicine will depend on increasing the precision with which we classify and manage human individuals and their health and disease. For this reason the Journal of Precision Medicine will make an increasingly important contribution to improving science and medicine around the world.”

Mark Fidock

VP Head of Personalized Healthcare and Biomarker Labs Astra Zeneca

‘The Journal of Precision Medicine will enable critical advances in personalized healthcare to be brought to a diverse readership, highlighting the advances in science, devices, regulatory and commercial, that will lead to the adoption of personalized healthcare within the global healthcare system for the benefit of patients.


Anick Dubois

Director Personalized Medicine Implementation CEPMED (Center of Excellence in Personalized Medicine) Montreal Heart Institute

”Whilst conducting research in Precision Medicine for the last 15 years, it has been challenging to find a centralized medium where a comprehensive portrayal of the important issues surrounding the development and implementation of Precision Medicine can be found, including their interaction and their evolution in different contexts. The mission of the Journal of Precision Medicine is precisely to fill this void in the community of peer-reviewed journals. It will be a unique place to debate these issues from the perspective of many stakeholders. Hence, it is with great enthusiasm that I have joined the Editorial Board: to contribute towards a complete, comprehensive and deep analysis of the issues surrounding Precision Medicine in a platform of high quality and relevance to all the scientific community.”

Edgar Braendle

CEO & President ARUP Laboratories

“Precision Medicine is crucial because the future of healthcare will involve using genomic and other omic information to streamline diagnosis, drug development, prevention, and treatment of human disease and disorders.”


Professor Gillies McKenna

Head of Department of Oncology Director CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology

“The term Precision Medicine is important in that it means more than simply selection of drugs using biomarkers and molecular signatures. It must include the use not only of Molecular Diagnostics but also Molecular and Functional Imaging and the utilization of Minimally Interventional Therapies, including but not limited to Robotic Surgery and Novel Radiotherapy Techniques, such as Particle Therapy. It is my belief in this expansive vision for the term that has lead me to agree to join the editorial team of the Journal of Precision Medicine.”


Katherine Johansen Taber

Director of Personalized Medicine American Medical Association

“We are at a landmark stage for precision medicine, and this journal will assist in keeping researchers, health professionals, and policy makers up-to-date on advancements that promise to dramatically improve patient care and outcomes”  

Kathryn Phillips

Professor of Health Economics and Health Services Research Founder/Director of the UCSF Center for Translational and Policy Research on Personalized Medicine (TRANSPERS)

“I am delighted to join the Board of this journal, which will provide a much-needed voice from a diverse range of experts across a diverse range of groups.”

Frank Prendergast

Ex Director of Individualized Medicine Institute Mayo Clinic

“Timing is perfect for this journal that’s devoted to the critical analysis and review of the science, implementation and promotion of precision medicine all in the best interest of scientists, physicians and most important, the patients.”

Atul J. Butte

Director, Institute for Computational Health Sciences at UCSF.

“With “precision medicine” now reaching international levels of importance, with even the President of the United States prioritizing research in this direction, we need more ways to disseminate discoveries and news in this field, including this new journal.”


Mark A. Rubin

Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Weill Cornell Medical College

“The field of Precision Medicine is moving forward so rapidly. Sharing experiences between clinical centers across the world to learn how to optimally improve health care is one of our key objectives. Working on this board represents an exciting opportunity to see a wide range of precision medicine approaches.”

Dennis Lo

Director of the Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences, Li Ka Shing Professor of Medicine and Professor of Chemical Pathology of The Chinese University of Hong Kong

“We are entering a most exciting period of medicine, where a convergence of genomics, bioinformatics and new molecular techniques promises to bring an unprecedented improvement in our understanding of disease mechanisms and our abilities to detect diseases early and to treat them. Hence, the launch of the Journal of Precision Medicine is a most timely event.”

Stephen Kingsmore

President/CEO, Rady Pediatric Genomic and Systems Medicine Institute

“Now that firm evidence exists for the diagnostic and clinical utility of genomic/precision medicine, there is a strong need for a journal to help synthesize progress in this highly dynamic field.”

Rupert Vessey

President, Research and Early Development, Celgene Corporation

“I am excited to join the editorial board of the new Journal of Precision Medicine, this new publication could not be more timely given the increasing focus on this area across all facets of healthcare”


Mara G. Aspinall

President and CEO of HealthCatalysts

“ The diagnostics world needs a critical central publication to anchor the industry’s knowledge – The Journal of Precision Medicine – will do that in an easily readable format.”

Geoffrey S. Ginsburg

Director Center for Applied Genomics and Precision Medicine, Duke University Medical Center

“The Journal of Precision Medicine will be a platform for dissemination and  diffusion of critical knowledge and know how that will enable the adoption of genomic and precision medicine into health care”.

Hakan Sakul

Executive Director and Head of Diagnostics Worldwide R&D Development Operations Pfizer, Inc La Jolla Laboratories

“I am interested in joining your Advisory Board because of my interest in advancing precision medicine to improve individualized healthcare and I anticipate that manuscripts to be published in your journal will significantly contribute to the body of scientific, commercial, medical evidence to advance precision medicine”