PMLS 2018

French Government Announces Plans to Invest €670 Million in Genomics and Personalized Medicine

Paris, France – The French Government has just unveiled its plans to invest €670 million ($760.8 million) in the country’s genomics and personalised medicine program. Of the €670 million being invested in the first five years, around €230 million will come from industry in order to facilitate private-public R&D partnerships.

The funding aims to improve the diagnosis and prevention of disease across the country by establishing 12 sequencing platforms throughout France and the opening two national centers that will handle the data and maintain and update each platform. The implementation of the program will be presided over by an inter-ministerial committee headed by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls. Valls had recruited the National Alliance for Life Science and Health (AVIESAN) — a consortium of some of the country’s biggest science and biomedical research centers — to examine the possibilities for France to widen access to genetic medicine within 10 years.

Its findings were released in a government report, which details results from a year-long investigation into the feasibility of such an effort. It comes in response to similar genomic medicine programs being launched in the UK, the US, and China.

“France is strongly committed to the personalized medicine revolution,” said French Health Minister Marisol Touraine in a statement. “In order to care for each patient in a personalized manner, we must first understand each individual’s genome.”

The effort, named France Genomic Medicine 2025, will concentrate initially on cancer, diabetes, and rare diseases. After 2020, the effort will be opened up to common diseases as well.