Genomics data at your fingertips – Portable Genomics’ patent approved

Genomics data at your fingertips – Portable Genomics’ patent approved

SAN DIEGO, CA – Portable Genomics announces the approval of its patent for the organization, visualization and utilization of genome data on digital devices, by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  This patent will likely offer Portable Genomics protection for its emerging consumer-based personal medicine platform, which will present genomics data in the form of a mobile device application, not too dissimilar from music platforms like iTunes.

One of the key claims covered by the patent is the use of a graphical user interface (GUI) for displaying and accessing genomic information on a mobile device, such as listings of phenotypes, genes and genetic markers. Additional claims include the use of a carousel-based user interface for genomic data display on computers or portable devices, the use of scrollable thumbnail images to display and easily access phenotypic traits and other data, and the use of colored tags to rapidly signify the relative importance of the data being displayed. The ability to activate applications on the mobile device based on genomic information, as well as use of geolocation information in conjunction with the genomic information, are also included among the patent’s claims.

Portable Genomics’ mobile personal health data platform will enable users to collect and aggregate data from a variety of sources, including genomics providers, electronic medical and healthcare records, and personal electronic monitoring devices. With the Portable Genomics platform, users are in control of the ownership and privacy of their data on their digital device, giving them the ability to share that data with healthcare providers or with third parties such as patient groups, research foundations or pharmaceutical companies.

By aggregating genomic, medical, healthcare and lifestyle information over time, patient data sets can be analyzed for phenotypic correlations to genetic or environmental factors, for example, providing valuable data for the development of companion diagnostics and for therapeutic drug research purposes. The platform also facilitates development of education solutions for patients regarding their disease condition, underlying risk factors and potential treatment and lifestyle alternatives.

Portable Genomics is currently developing relationships with patient advocacy groups and research foundations, focusing initially on cystic fibrosis and ovarian cancer, with the goal of customizing its platform for specific conditions and communities to enable the recruitment of patients, the sequencing of their genomes and/or tumors, and the aggregation of their data for research purposes.