Glimcher Brings Bold, Unflinching Style to New Role as Head of Dana-Farber


Glimcher has a trail of impressive accolades that span her career as a prominent immunologist and leader. As dean of Weill Cornell Medicine, she led the recruitment of more than 50 researchers to help fill the university’s new Belfer Research Building, a gleaming, 18-story, 480,000 square-foot building that opened in January 2014 and nearly doubled the college’s research space. Through these efforts, she seeded new programs and expanded existing ones, helping to boost the university’s capabilities in translational research. Glimcher’s first recruit: Lewis Cantley, a renowned expert in cell signaling via hormones and growth factors. He pioneered the discovery of the phosphoinositide-3-kinase (PI3K) signaling pathway, which has spawned treatments for cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune disease.

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