OME-ing in on precision wellness


Pathway Genomics’ OME personalized wellness app leverages Watson’s cognitive computing

In early January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Pathway Genomics announced the closed-alpha release of its OME app. This platform promises to leverage the cognitive computing power of IBM Watson with precision medicine and genetics to deliver personalized wellness information. As individuals take on greater financial responsibility for their own healthcare, the OME app will allow them to take more control of their health and wellness, customized and informed by their health status and other relevant data. As Pathway envisions it, for consumers to get the most benefit from the app, they would first get doctor approval for the Pathway Fit genetic test, which specifically examines 75 genes that focus on phenotypes related to diet, exercise, lipids, and sugar metabolism. OME-ing in on precision wellness Pathway Genomics’ OME personalized wellness app leverages Watson’s cognitive computing…


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