Propelling Medicine into the Digital Age


Eric Topol, MD, is not your average gadget guy. As a renowned cardiologist, he has made hand-held medical devices and mobile technology an essential part of his proverbial black bag, exchanging
conventional items, like the stethoscope, for newer, slicker tools that can quickly deliver high-resolution images of a patient’s heart — right in the exam room. As an acclaimed researcher
and institutional leader, he has also helped push the frontiers of genomic sequencing and the application of genomic information to medicine.
In his 2012 book, The Creative Destruction of Medicine, and the subsequent The Patient Will See You Now in 2015, Topol makes the case for wider adoption of digital technology by both medical professionals and patients, as well as a broader acceptance of the kind of data-driven, patient-empowered medicine it enables. His newest area of concern: the privacy and security of personal medical information.

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