A Conversation with Werner Verbiest


Werner Verbiest has spent the better part of the last 25 years in roles focused on designing better diagnostics for a range of diseases. He joined Janssen Pharma R&D in 1991 as part of the clinical R&D team working on therapies for HIV and Hepatitis B. In 1998 he joined Virco, a company at the forefront of developing diagnostic testing for viral resistance to drugs used to treat patients with HIV/AIDS. His time at Virco showed the vital role diagnostics play in developing personalized treatments for HIV/AIDS patients and how effective this approach can be in treating a broad range of diseases. Today, Werner is the Global Head of Janssen Diagnostics, the diagnostics group within J&J. He recently took time to speak with The Journal of Precision Medicine’s senior editor Chris Anderson about how he sees diagnostics shaping precision medicine in the future.

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