Electronic Health Systems: Golden Mine for Precision Medicine?


Precision medicine is an emerging field whose relevance is destined to grow at a pace, that at least in part, depends on the concomitant development of Electronic Health Records. Digital medicine has set the organization of the latter as its priority in an attempt to find synergies between phenotypes and markers from diseases and comorbidities. We present a rationale for motivating roles and functions of systems-wise multi-evidenced and algorithmically agnostic frameworks whose expected deliverables are: a)Personalized decisions and b) Risk profiles at stratified scales (individual to populations across communities). For an effective interoperability, a few synergistic elements must be optimized: data re-use and novel evidences, predictive models for assessment, algorithm efficiency and portability, development of disease ontologies andof multiplexed networks to handle seamlessly the complexity of their relationships.

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