Epigenetic Therapies, Immune Therapies, and Anti-Angiogenic Therapies: The Triad of Oncology. Angiogenesis: Cause or effect?


Advances in technology have allowed medical providers to customize healthcare with medical decisions, practices, and therapeutics being tailored to the individual patient. Through the use of advanced laboratory testing, we are better able to understand the dynamic and heterogeneous nature of cancer. One of the challenges oncologists and practitioners face in the treatment of cancer is the clinical application of targeted therapies, when a tumor consists of a variety of genomic signatures. Laboratory studies identifying markers for angiogenesis, circulating tumor cells, and circulating tumor DNA have allowed the opportunity for the development of treatment plans tailored to a patient’s individual genetic and epigenetic profile. Understanding the genomic and epigenomic signature of a tumor advances the practice of precision medicine, leading to improved response rates and improved overall survival.

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