Understanding and Managing Stress: Perspectives from in vivo Quantum Biology


Stress is a type of reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our physical and mental equilibrium. Chronic stress is an escalating health problem that plagues society. It adversely impacts quality of life and costs the US over ½ trillion dollars per year, seemingly with no solutions in sight. Attempts to solve this malady with medications have failed. Meditation is sometimes known to partially restore the equilibrium with varying levels of success. In this context, “can we avoid getting hijacked by stress in the first place?” is a compelling question. A companion question, “can
equilibrium be regained quickly before harm is done?” is equally relevant. We investigate this phenomenon through the eyes of quantum physics and in vivo quantum biology. This research differs from conventional approaches in that stress is seen as energy dynamics occurring at a fundamental level in the quantum world. This view opens new pathways and practices to ameliorating – and
occasionally even preventing – stress at a fundamental quantum level where it sprouts. Although the quantum world is unfamiliar and counter-intuitive, the daily practices that control what ails us are simple and within reach of every human being – and costs next to nothing!

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