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Editors Notes


Field Notes

The Global Market for Next Generation Sequencing Tests Continues Its Torrid Pace
An Unlikely Alliance – Could PBMs and diagnostic labs find synergies in the healthcare market?


Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing is Disrupting Our Healthcare System by Empowering Consumers
The Challenges of Patenting Precision Medicine in the Era of Mayo and Myriad
The Diagnostic Reimbursement System is Not Broken

Precision Tools

Enabling Genomics-Guided Precision Medicine with Real-World Evidence
Precision Medicine In Complex Disease: Use Of The PrismRA Test To Stratify Patients For Response To Anti-Tnf Therapy In Rheumatoid Arthritis
Breaking new ground in biomarker discovery: How SCIEX is pioneering the discovery of non-genetic biomarkers to adopt a holistic approach to precision medicine
Takeda using Advanced Machine Learning to find Insights about NASH & TRD


Neurodegenerative Diseases and the Microbiome: Lessons Learned from Mouse Models