Atos Transforms Value-based Healthcare with Digital Health Solutions

Atos Transforms Value-based Healthcare with Digital Health Solutions

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, continues to strengthen its North America digital healthcare portfolio with services that help enable the shift to value-based healthcare.

The recent acquisition of three U.S. healthcare consulting companies, coupled with more than 25 years’ experience in healthcare IT, has deepened Atos’ expertise and capabilities. The company focuses on all aspects of population health and corresponding areas such as patient engagement, electronic health records, cybersecurity, full revenue cycle and consulting services.

“Atos can provide a 360-degree view of the healthcare eco-system,” said Chad Harris, President, North America Operations, Atos. “We deliver data-driven services, solutions and platforms to healthcare organizations, providing them the information and tools to collaborate across multiple functions and the ability to make clinical and financial care decisions that put the patient’s well-being first.”

Leveraging Clickfox and Atos Codex, with its data and analytics capabilities, Atos can map the entire patient journey from healthy living and prevention, up to diagnosis, treatment, recovery, rehabilitation and home care. By identifying and analyzing key data across multiple sources along the journey, Atos offers providers and payers the detailed information to achieve the ultimate goal of personalized, precision medicine.

“Our digital capabilities are helping to enable the industry towards a value-based model, where quality of service, outcomes and patient experience are the driving force behind health decisions,” Harris added.

Atos can also help healthcare organizations adopt new technology faster and more effectively, allowing clinicians more time to focus on patient care. Atos Breakaway adoption services cut the time it takes to educate clinicians on new systems by 50% while guaranteeing 90% proficiency in new clinical or business IT solution applications.

Atos works with almost 300 healthcare companies across the U.S. to modernize their technology foundations and secure valuable patient data. For more information on Atos’ digital healthcare portfolio visit