Baylor Genetics Expands Its Precision Medicine Portfolio With ClariFind.

Baylor Genetics Expands Its Precision Medicine Portfolio With ClariFind.

Baylor Genetics announced the launch of ClariFind, a comprehensive somatic tumor next-generation sequencing test that correlates genomic results with specific drug therapies and clinical trial options. Baylor Genetics’ experts, in collaboration with Baylor College of Medicine, developed ClariFind to augment its existing oncology test menu of hereditary cancer panels, chromosomal microarrays, single-gene assays, cytogenetics, and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) assays.

“Cancer is a complex genomic disease. Therefore, we need efficient tests to focus on detecting low-frequency variants to identify cancer mutations and study clonal evolution over time to better serve our cancer patients. We do this by indexing individual molecules with a unique molecular identifier (UMI) before PCR, and deep sequencing allows us to robustly and accurately detect low-frequency mutations,” said Dr. Shashikant Kulkarni, Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President of Baylor Genetics.

In a single next-generation sequencing assay, ClariFind assesses genomic alterations in 277 key cancer genes for both solid tumors and hematologic malignancies. Due to its unique molecular barcoding approach, ClariFind allows for confident, low-level variant detection. Additionally, ClariFind’s chemistry has been optimized to improve analysis of difficult GC-rich regions in genes such as CEBPA and CCND1. Furthermore, low DNA input samples will be accepted, which is crucial for small biopsy samples.

The ClariFind report has been designed to allow the patient and clinician to navigate through the results and corresponding treatment options easily. Each ClariFind report provides annotated genomic findings, associated targeted therapies, potential clinical trials when available, and a detailed interpretative summary. Each patient’s case is thoroughly reviewed by board-certified clinical experts to aid in optimizing patient care. Most importantly, our experts are available for clinical consultation to serve as partners throughout the patient’s journey.

“Baylor Genetics has always believed that a comprehensive approach is needed for treatment of genetic conditions, whether it is inherited or somatic. Therefore, we believe that ClariFind is an important component to Baylor Genetics’ existing cancer menu and will provide more support and options to the oncology community,” said Kengo Takishima, President and Chief Executive Office of Baylor Genetics.

Baylor Genetics continues to drive cancer genomics by offering a wide-range of clinically validated molecular approaches to accommodate unique clinical situations and overcome specimen limitations.