March 2019

table of contents

Editors Notes


Field Notes

Will DAIA resolve the ambiguities of regulating in vitro clinical tests?
Are your Companion Diagnostic Partners Ready?
Why Diagnostics Have Trouble Finding Their Voice


Immunothrapy: Predicting response to targeted therapies and checkpoint inhibitors
The Dawn of Personalized Medicine: The Role of the Pharmacist

Precision Tools

Preventatie medicine: genetic screening of inherited diseases
Next-Generation-Sequencing Data for Mouse Models: Applications and analysis in context of a pre-clinical oncology drug development
Makingthe Shift from Technological Innovation to Operational Excellence: Delivering on the Promis Of Next-Generation Sequencing for Personalized Medicine


Of mice and men: Strategies for humanization in preclinical immuno-oncology research
Preparing for the New Possible: A Summar of the 14th Annual Personalized Medicine Conference at Harvard Medical School