Oncologists Can Now Specify Cancer Treatment Options to Score and Rank with CureMatch

Oncologists Can Now Specify Cancer Treatment Options to Score and Rank with CureMatch

CureMatch® will present the new release of PreciGENE™ Personalized Combination Therapy® at Biotech Showcase™ 2018, to be held January 8–10 in San Francisco. Oncologists can now input specific drug therapies to score and rank among the millions of possible treatment options for each patient. This new capability will enable practitioners to better understand how well their proposed cancer treatment options are expected to match a patient’s biomarker profile relative to the latest advances in precision oncology.

CureMatch is a digital precision oncology company that assists oncologists with personalized treatment decisions. Actionable intelligence is gleaned by scoring more than 4.5 million potential combinations of cancer drugs in massive clinical and pharmacological knowledge databases. Factoring genomics and proteomics, Personalized Combination Therapy® options are ranked for individual patients to target specific molecular alterations.

In order to use CureMatch, an oncologist provides a patient’s tumor profiling data (such as next-generation DNA sequencing performed by a 3rd party laboratory) plus up to three proposed treatment options. The mutations that are specific to each individual patient’s cancer are identified, and a computational analysis is performed using proprietary algorithms and comprehensive custom-curated databases. The CureMatch report scores the oncologist’s selected treatment options and ranks them alongside the top mono-therapies, two-drug combinations, and three-drug combinations for that individual cancer patient. The PreciGENE Score reflects the degree to which a therapy or combination of therapies matches a patient’s biomarker profile. It is represented by a percentage and may be used to compare potential treatment regimens.

With CureMatch, physicians recommend patient treatment plans based on the most current precision medicine. The comprehensive analysis considers commonly-used cancer treatments, as well as all of the latest advances in cancer care, including immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, and newly approved cancer drugs, either alone or in combinations of up to three drugs. Matching treatments at the molecular level has been shown in various studies to result in improved outcomes.

“There are two million yearly oncology patients in just the United States, and only about 25% of current cancer treatments are effective. Precision medicine using drug combinations is the future of cancer care, and CureMatch enables Personalized Combination Therapy® to be the first choice of treatment for all cancer patients.” stated Stephane Richard Ph.D., CureMatch President and COO. “We look forward to highlighting how oncologists can now add specific therapies to rank and compare in the newest CureMatch Reports at the Biotech Showcase.”

CureMatch will present the latest release of PreciGENE™ Personalized Combination Therapy® at Biotech Showcase™ and concurrent Digital Medicine & Medtech Showcase during the J.P. Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference (one of the largest annual gatherings of healthcare investors), as follows: