September 2019

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Editors Notes


Field Notes

Shadow of the Future: Precision Medicine in Multiple Myeloma
Precision prescribing with pharmacogenomics
Expanding Precision Medicine
Personalized Medicine’s Path to Patients


Precision medicine approaches in sickle cell disease
Unsickling the Sickle: A Review of State of the Art and Emerging Applications of iPSCs and CRISPR/Cas9 for Gene Editing Solutions for Sickle Cell Disease
Smarter, Accessible Data Means Learning from Every Patient
Informatics Approach and Considerations that Enable Precision Medicine Program Success
(Part 1) Value of a Genomic Wellness Program: How your organization can offer pharmacogenomic testing to employees
(Part 2) A Brief Guide to PGx Implementation for Healthcare Systems and Employers

Precision Tools

From benchside to bedside and back again: Evidence-based content drives the future of Precision Medicine
Combining clinical data with genetic, syndromic and social determinants of health data
Center for Genetics and Precision Medicine in Clinical Trials: A United Partnership
Women Leaders in Healthcare: Benefits of Diversity within Precision Medical Leadership
How Education is Catching Up with Genomics
Editor’s Notes