GenXys Healthcare Systems Inc. (GenXys) is adding a new value dimension to Precision Genetics and the personalized health marketplace. Precision prescribing has become a leading method to bring pharmacogenetics (PGx) closer to the standard of care for certain conditions that often carry a high cost and a lower rate of medication effectiveness. Precision Genetics will use GenXys’s award-winning suite of software solutions, IdentifyPGx™, TreatGx™, and ReviewGx™ to embed pharmacogenetics and offer an improved and transformative approach to precision prescribing.

IdentifyPGx has already enabled Precision Genetics to effectively identify which patient populations will benefit most from PGx testing. This includes individuals who have an increased possibility of genetic variant involvement in the effectiveness and safety of their medication, patients with mental health or cardiovascular issues and/or those who are undergoing surgery. This innovative, evidence-based population risk stratification analysis will be integrated with the GenXys’s clinical decision support software to deliver actionable treatment insights at any point-of-care. Through an up-to-date and automated system IdentifyPGx will make complex decisions straightforward and timely.

“Through the use of IdentifyPGx, we have been able to provide our customers with insights on the benefits of precision prescribing for specific disease states. This allows us to provide data and recommendations on what population to begin testing first,” says Jay Spencer, Chief Strategy Officer and V.P. of Business Development. “This maximizes better health through precision prescribing for patients.”

Going forward Precision Genetics will use GenXys’s suite of software to enhance patient care, safety, and treatment effectiveness. The cost savings will come from minimized switching between medications and improved clinical outcomes for patients: reduced spending on irrelevant medications and disabilities are a growing cost that can be managed with precision medicine. The TreatGx platform will interpret and seamlessly analyze and aggregate PGx testing inputs in tandem with clinical and biophysical relevant patient information to provide an evidence-based precision prescribing recommendation to care providers.

“Science has provided the power of PGx testing and clinical studies have proven the clinical benefit. What’s been missing is an accessible way to provide pharmacogenetic insights to the clinician so accurate prescribing can occur at any point of care quickly with confidence,” Karl Pringle, CEO of GenXys, commented. “Because our software platform is laboratory and electronic health record agnostic, more health plans and health systems than ever before can bring the full value of PGx testing insights to more patients to improve treatment and reduce adverse drug reactions and events. We are pleased to partner with Precision Genetics to better understand the patient needs and maximize their health and wellness benefits from an evidence-based perspective.”

About GenXys Health Care Systems Inc.
GenXys provides the world’s most comprehensive precision prescribing solutions with embedded pharmacogenetics to solve one of healthcare’s biggest challenges; trial-and-error prescribing. Our platform is laboratory and electronic health record agnostic with seamless integration capabilities, and our clinical decision support software suite is in use by major insurance providers, national laboratories, health systems and pharmacies across North America. GenXys is rapidly moving towards realizing its vision of making every prescription better with our software to improve patient safety, improve population health and reduce healthcare costs.