Remote Clinical Trial Monitoring in the time of COVID-19: Working Safer and Smarter

The Journal of Precision Medicine and the Precision Medicine Leaders’ Summits are delighted to bring you this complimentary webinar presented by Shirin Hasan of Agilent Technologies and Andrew Crenshaw of Q2 Solutions.



Clinical Use Cases: Pharmacogenomic Results Within the EHR Workflow

This complimentary webinar features results realized by providers who have integrated pharmacogenomic (PGx) test results within their EHR workflows. Citing clinical experiences from three organizations, Dr. Diamond will explore the impact PGx has made on the prescriptions they write for individual patients – and about the authentic health improvements patients report as a result.




Clinical Use Cases Complexity of PGx in the Workflow

Precision medicine data is complex, and it needs to be accessible by clinicians as they are making treatment decisions. Currently, enterprise health systems such as EMRs and EHRs are not effectively supporting precision medicine programs. Precision medicine and population health specific informatics approaches and technologies that aggregate and curate clinical, diagnostic, financial, and other data can positively augment the functionality of enterprise EMRs and EHRs.