Yourgene Health said on Monday that it has extended its existing strategic partnership with Ambry Genetics with a new genomic services collaboration, which allows the companies mutual access to each other’s technology and assays.

Yourgene initially announced the partnership in 2021 but did not name Ambry at that time. The multi-year license and supply agreement, which went into effect April 1, 2022, grants Ambry Genetics access to Yourgene’s noninvasive prenatal testing technology.

The agreement enables Ambry, which is part of Konica Minolta, to develop NIPT-related tests as part of its women’s health portfolio, which, along with carrier screening, will include Ambry’s CARE (Comprehensive Assessment Risk and Education) Program, a digital end-to-end solution that supports risk screening and education on genetic testing, test ordering, result reporting, and access to genetic counselors.

Currently, the CARE program is being used in the oncology space, but Ambry intends to expand its reach to include NIPT and carrier screening.

Yourgene also said it expects the partnership to underpin future growth and increase commercial opportunities for both companies.

“Ambry will provide an addressable US market for NIPT and a range of class-leading oncology products and services to bring to our recently expanded UK-based genomic services footprint,” Yourgene CEO Lyn Rees said in a statement.

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